Saturday, December 18, 2010

aku rasa dah lama sangat tak menulis ni..
bukan dah kurang minat cuma aku terpaksa membahagikan masa ..
many works to do.
and i try not to sit in front of my lappy everyday..
this is because i cannot discipline my self to read something fact or can gain my knowledge..
nothing else that i will open and face is fb...
haha :)

i remember a statement that i was read from my old lovely magazine
'Blues selamanya' yeah..! hidup bs..

if im not mistaken..the statement sound like this..
'give a person eat everyday..and he will be with you..
teach that person to use internet  and they will bother you for a week'

yes..sesuai sangat dengan aku..sebab tu.aku cuba menjauhkan diri dengan lappy di hari biasa,,
except when i have work that must use internet..
ok..actually that is not the main topic that i want to share with u..
today we have a program..intresting program ..really...!seyes bai..! :)
credits to iman's club and pre law club..that organise a talk with public prosecutor..
bicara bersama pendakwa raya..
alhamdulillah..there are many knowledge that i got from this program..
penceramah terhormat kami..
Tuan Ahmad faisal dan Tuan Nur Akmal Farhan..u guys superb..!
tuan faisal serius dal kelakar..he made joke but he still with tiger face..
tuan akmal seyes lawak..aku terkejut..ada gak manusia gila-gila dah jadi timbalan pendakwa raya..
he makes joke...he wartawan :) bukan macam timb pendakwa raya..
He has made us aware of the legal system is more effective and efficient
If in the past, a case will be tried in a long time and sometimes takes 10 years to mention the case .. but after the legislation was taken over by the new chief judge, he changed his basic ideas and ways of working of bodies legislation, including magistrates, prosecutors, lawyers...

jadi secara tidak langsung..kami dinasihatkan supaya tukar dan ubah cara pemikiran dan cara bekerja..

We are also reminded to be part of a legal practitioner or under the law .. making a name is not something that can be used as goal.areas of law not the area to be known, the pursuit of wealth, but to work under the legal system .. The important thing is perseverance and determination..
dengan pembaharuan sistem kehakiman..dan pelbagai stigma umum tentang profesion ini..untuk still stay in this field..satu pengorbanan..

but its ok..i change my mind set..i want to study law and be a part of law community because in my opinion justice  is not just to be done but must seen to be i want to be one of the person who done the justice..

hahahaha..betulke ayat tuh..?haha..aku harap..1 day aku boleh bersama dan seiring dengan tuan faisal dan tuan akmal.. mendakwa mereka-mereka yang berkenaan ..but before that...........

:( 11semester untuk ditempuh before i achieve that level..and have 9 sem more...i want to be people's people...insya-allah.. please pray for me..

aku dapat spirit baru dari petikan kata-kata tuan faisal... '
never let someone take that are yours..'  tq sir..ur words make change in me..

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