Saturday, October 22, 2011

political science


:) lama tak menulis. (:
my life become busy and i try to fix my time to write something
even *nobody cares*
copy paste maria elena punya style.
ok btw..
i finished my foundation  for my sem 3.
i hope i can pass my part 3 with flying colours.
ok this is it.
i put so much effort to pass my foundation.
but i still dont feel like i can pass it.
and for this time being.
i struggle my muet.
also still got band 3.
and because i am worst in making decision
i still cannot make any decision,
 i reallly want to proceed in bls,
thats my dream but how if its not te best for me.

* Allah know which is better for me*
so saya menadah tangan berdoa supaya ditetapkan hati.
saya sebulat suara will fight for political science :)

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