Monday, January 10, 2011

caption of my life..

                   when people ask my name, then i answer
  nurul aiman bt. mohd zainal isa
and the response that people always said is..
eeh nama lelaki...
then so what?
mak aku bagi nama macam tu..bukan susah kan orang..
aiman actually is a universal name..
its like nor..we can use nor for man and woman..
pengasuh nabi kita juga ummu aiman..
so i think its not a big issue,.
and i proud of my name..coz people can easily remember it.
ok my dads name is mohd zainal isa bin ibrahim
he had phd in ........i dont know actually..
but im proud being his daughter..
my yayah is very smart person...
he read a lot and he love to write and solve puzzle..
My father did not speak fluent Malay..
he is always wrong in the use of Malay proverb..
angin sebu-sebu is exactly for angin sepoi-sepoi
1day we went to his friends house and his wife cooked for us..
and suddenly yayah said..
"nak terkeluar air ludah."
kami dah bulatkan mata kami...
ayah ni..malu je..
he try to say..
"terliur nak makan masakan tu"
but he died when I was 13
i miss my dad
and i will try my best to be like him..
i will make he proud to have a daughter like me..haha

and now my ummi....
her name is zaleha bt samsuddin..
1 upon a time...hehe
she was a straight mom..
i call her lion...
but now..
she is my everything...i give all my life to her..
she is the best mom i ever had..
everynight she never forget to wake up..
and do solat hajat for me..
for my success...
pendidikan ummi takat stpm..
sebab dulu dia kena tolong opah jaga adik-adik..
dulu dia sangat lemah bahasa inggeris..
ummi pernah ikut ayah stay in us for a while..
then dia balik malaysia...
1 day she realize the important of second language ..
so she change her attitude..
she always with her dictionary,english newspaper,and essay book..
she always listen to english radio..
and i am lucky because both my mom and dad love read..
and now her english is better than me..
she can be my walking dictionary..haha
i love u ummi..

next is naughty and gnarly girls..
its me...
nurul aiman bt mohd zainal isa

i was born in teluk intan, perak
and i love travel...
i hate to be at home during holiday
school is my no 1 home hahha..
after i finished my secondary school
i was a trainer of national service in sandakan..
for 3 months..
then after that period..
i worked at nursery..
taska ixora all the kids there..
and i met with my baby boy..
anak orang yang di jaga dan disayang...
rofiq and roziq or their father call them as R&R 
i love them so much....
then i was lucky coz i can proceed my study in uitm kedah..
in foundation of law...
and now i am in second sem and struggle to pass my muet to get band 4..
:(  ..
muet can bury my dreams..

                                             at my dorm in kem bagai budi,sandakan,sabah.
                                     perarakan maulidur rasul di padang bandar sandakan..
                                                      blue army.. and i proud because by skin turn
                                                           to black colour.. :)
                                                            taska ixora gemilang...
                                                             i am cikgu aiman..
                                                     cikgu paling garang dan baik :)

my life at campus....

thats all the caption of my life..
i love my life 
and struggle to achieve the best for my self..
and my family..
want to be legal prastitioner and politician..

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