Tuesday, January 18, 2011

stress week

ok i dont have mood at all.
i just finished psychology test..
and it was bad and worst..
feel like want to cry...
please..i try to do my best..
i dont want to make my mom disappointed with my result..
:( kecewa..kecewa..kecewa..
i love to study psycho but to remember all the term..
i hate ... but i must ...
ingat pesan umi.. pesanan lagi.. :)
   jangan cakap tak suka dkat pelajaran nanti susah nak masuk..
aduh..aku kena tanam suka..suka..suka..

i love law..really love to read all about law..
ya-Allah hope i can be a legal practitioner :)

          i really want to be public prosecutor..if not..hahaha..no if not..must be.. 
         ummi tolong la .. eman nak beri yang terbaik untuk ummi

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