Monday, August 1, 2011


i just want to do some comment regarding our debate topic.
i am the 1st speaker of the opposition leader.
i cannot emagine how it will be walk.
because i am not good in english.
damn embrassing..
when somebody that cannot speak in english fluently want to debate in front of class.
lets back to the point.
after my friend and i were discussed about the topic.
we finally agreed to choosde the most sensitive issue and topic that became controversial issue
if i am not mistaken it wan 0n 2008.
" UiTM shouls be open to non-bumiputera"

its sound nice right?
and suddenly everybody become sensitive regarding this issue.
because the word sensitive bring sensitive sense.
am i true?
let we open our mind regarding this topics.
i believe everybody who read this is big enough and
be realistic and materialistic.

i am not sure either i want to oppose or support this.

1. this topics was became from Tan Sri Khalid which he is MB of Selangor.
he came out with this idea and i believe he is 'somebody'
and he must think before he decide to say this to public.
but unluckily,
because he came from the opposition so this topic became political issue.

2. i read many blog that write about this issue.
and at last when people comments 
they talk bad and keep condemning each other.
please Malaysian.
be rationale and dont become to sensitive.

3. at last, if UiTM open to non-privilages.
it will be just same as MRSM and SBP.
open to non-bumi.
but they just ignore.

this is just my point of view.
not fluence by any political view.
lets think.
take a piece of paper and put down
10 advantages and DIS.
its should be unbalance number.
believe me..

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