Thursday, March 24, 2011

syiah oh syiah

salam.. ni conversation aku dengan sahabat.
pasal syiah.
dia iran.
pastinya syiah.
tapi aku tahu syiah di malaysia berbeza.
so, jom baca perbualan kitorang..

cyber_scootz: syiah beliveness

 Alli: ok\
 Alli: if u mean abt praying and fasting etc
 Alli: its almost the same
 just the time is 10-15 min later than what u expect as time to pray or break ur fast
 Alli: if u mean abt 12 Imam
 Alli: as far as i know
 Alli: sunny group respect them too as there r the name of all of them in the mosque in Mecca
 Alli: the big beautiful mosque
 Alli: hehe
Alli: مسجدالحرام
Alli: if u mean what we believe abt the 12 Imam
 Alli: i should say its long to say but
 Alli: in short
 Alli: we belive as Prophet said 3 times that after him 
 Alli: Imam Ali is the مولا
 Alli: so
 Alli: we dont obey the three persons that u follow hehe
cyber_scootz: hmm..
cyber_scootz: but why must have diff in azan
Alli: its because og those 3
 Alli: they removed this two parts
 Alli: حی علی خیرالعمل
Alli: and
Alli: اشهد ان علی ولی الله
Alli: but still most of it the same

cyber_scootz: erm...
cyber_scootz: huuuhuuh

 Alli: what ?

cyber_scootz: i cannot say anything
cyber_scootz: no comment

 Alli: i just told u what we believe in short 
 Alli: and brief
 Alli:  just as what u asked me to explain

cyber_scootz: erm..
cyber_scootz: thank you

 Alli: no problem

cyber_scootz: i also have syiah friends here

 Alli: if u want to know more i can eplain more later
 Alli: Malay?

cyber_scootz: yeah, but i am not agree because syiah has so many part
cyber_scootz: in malaysia
cyber_scootz: there are many type of syiah believeness

Alli: yes i know...because we got 12 Imam
 Alli: so some dont belive all 12
 Alli: maybe just
 Alli: 3
 Alli: or 7
 Alli: just like in yemen
 Alli: they belive only 7 or 8 ones
Alli: not sure

cyber_scootz: but can syiah and sunni pray together?

Alli: sure
 Alli: why not?
 Alli: i did it many times in malaysia

cyber_scootz: haha..
cyber_scootz: but the way u recite ur doa is diff
cyber_scootz: and the reading in solat right

 Alli: what diff?
 Alli: its all the same
 Alli: just we dont hold hands up

cyber_scootz: owh
cyber_scootz: u know..
cyber_scootz: i watched syiah video b4
cyber_scootz: and is it true
cyber_scootz: when they pray
cyber_scootz: someone will stand beside the 'imam;
cyber_scootz: and amin the doa

 Alli: no
 Alli: not!

cyber_scootz: i try to find the video

 Alli: what u mean someone stand beside?
 Alli: how come?

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 Alli: see...they r together

cyber_scootz: erm...
cyber_scootz: in that vid show
cyber_scootz: they recite doa to cursed abu bakr and aisyah

 Alli: ooh
 Alli: its a extresim of the part of us
 Alli: just few
 Alli: doing that

cyber_scootz: With Me
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 Alli: just like those cursing us too hehe
 Alli: and sometimes these things r faked
Alli: just to make fight between two group
 Alli: just look at saudi army killing us in bahrain
Alli: and u know
Alli: less than 40 years ago
 Alli: bahrain belonged to Iran
 Alli: 14th province

cyber_scootz: owh
cyber_scootz: hhaha

 Alli: its just a useless thing to think...the both side got some Radicalist
 Alli: so we r even
 Alli: and our leader critisized anybody doing curse abt any of Prophet wives or the 3 persons that i mentoned
 Alli: and just look at number of them
 Alli: Handful of prayers!
 Alli: maybe just 10-15

cyber_scootz: owh
cyber_scootz: but beside abt the imam..
cyber_scootz: y so many split in syiah
cyber_scootz: y they said
cyber_scootz: abu bakar n aisyah is allah's enemy

 Alli: i told u
 Alli: few
 Alli: just the video u sent
 Alli: they r so few
 Alli: u wanna judge all of us like those little persons?

cyber_scootz: hm...
cyber_scootz: u know
cyber_scootz: maybe i am not good and my knowledge abt syiah is lack
cyber_scootz: but
cyber_scootz: because of the vid
cyber_scootz: can make controversion here
cyber_scootz: thats y i ask u
cyber_scootz: i want ur explanation

 Alli: i told u my explaination

cyber_scootz: ok
cyber_scootz: i satisfied
cyber_scootz: last question please
cyber_scootz: may i?

 Alli: ok

cyber_scootz: how about prostrate on the rock

 Alli: what rock?


 Alli: oh
 Alli: u mean what we put our head on it?
 Alli: forhead
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cyber_scootz: hmm.

 Alli: we believe as we made from soil
 Alli: we put head on it too

cyber_scootz: but why o rock
cyber_scootz: on*

 Alli: its not rock
 Alli: it made from soil
 Alli: soil+water
Alli: then lwt ot get dry
 Alli: let*

cyber_scootz: owh
cyber_scootz: huhu
cyber_scootz: ok2
cyber_scootz: tq

 Alli: u can try too
 Alli: put water and soil togeher
Alli: then wait till get dry in front of sun
ok my english hancur.
tapi jangan komen.
baca yang highlight je.

..yang sunnah pun tak terikut .. :)


  1. menarik. syiah yg baik. dia syiah imamiyyah, :-) akan ana explain di FB enti. :-)