Tuesday, November 23, 2010

an important reminder by my lecturer

salam to my blog.. :)
miss u..and now i am totally addicted to write my feeling here..like miss marina said.. bring out all thing from your stomach.. haha .. ok i think, maybe u wondering why i use english, ok. now..i try and push my self to write in english .. my lesturer had warned us to improve our english .. if we want to be future lawyer, so .. our effort must comparable to our ambition.. yes ..! i agree with her, our english are so bad.. not all.. and i mean thats me..my english is bad.. really..! and for last sem, there are only 5 students from uitm merbok asasi undang-undang that can proceed their degree in law at shah alam main campus.. oh Allah.. please help me.. to achieve my ambition..

O Allah please help me to get the best,
please help me to get band 4 in my muet, 
simplify the way to achieve my ambition..
only u Allah that i ask for help..
please help me and my friends..
to achieve our ambition..
we want to be a lawyer..
i want to be a lawyer
i want to change the world and put justice at it place..
please Allah
bless my effort..

ok..now..  i really want to change my self., i dont want make my family disappointed with me..
i know, i made them disappointed so many times before..
but know i am big enough to stand on my own leg..and think for the best desicion for my life..
hm..sometimes i wonder,why malaysia not be as japan.. use their own language.. look..! they still one of the progress country.. am i wrong?? no right..! japan still use their own language .. no need other language for them to get a good job.. knowledge about other language is also important but why nowadays its look like we want to throw far away our mother tongue language..! disappointed.. :( this trouble just be feel for students like us..! but i think . as long for our benefit , i try my best ,,

the other thing is..ok fine..! i miss my phone..w880i.. i plan to going back to perak next week , collect 100rm to pick up my phone.. money..money..

ok my dear blog,thats all for this time..
wanna take bath..
ahaks..!hope this will come true
(desperate to be a lawyer..)

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