Friday, November 26, 2010

in hoc signo velices

i dream to be future lawyer..
i dream to be a good future lawyer that will defend my client..
i dream to wear black white uniform and enter the court..
when i imagine all this..
something must make me down..
like a voice murmur into my ear..
  " are u sure u wanna be a good future lawyer..
   how come..look at your bad..
      hey aiman, are sure u can defend ur client..
   u cannot defend even yourself...
  how u wanna defend them..
  hey aiman..please, you are not born to be a lawyer..!!"

i really dream to be a lawyer..even when i was in form5 and before i took my spm..
my determination and my spirit that make me study hard day and night is because i want to be a lawyer..
i set in my mind..i was born to be a lawyer..
really..but how come..if i not change my self.. change my apperance.. improve my confidence stage..
owh..please Allah help me.. help me to achieve my ambition..

   i must be more outspoken in class... not be pasif all the time in class..from last sem..nobody sat at our place,my class i will always sit infront.. infront my lecturer.. owh..i try to change my self..try try try ..try and try..until i get what i want, cause i am a person that will workhard for what i aim and what i want..i will make this come true..insya-Allah..

  hope my dream will come true..insya allah..
    amin amin

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